Introduction to Ushu forest

Ushu is a village in the Ushu valley of KPK in Pakistan and it is located 8kms away from Kalam. From Mingora, it is at the distance of 123kms and at the height of 2300 meters. You can go there by using a non-metallic road from Kalam on Jeep only.  It is also known for its beautiful cloudy and rainy forest that is called the Ushu forest which is the main attraction of this spot. Another attraction which is the Mahodand Lake is sited at the distance of 27kms. In winters, the famous glacier of Ushu blocks the only road that goes from Mahodand Lake. You can only access this pathway in summers when the snows start to melt down and the administration of the area wipe up the remaining snow from the road.

How to access Ushu forest?

You can go from Islamabad to Saidu Sharif and stay there for a night. Again start your journey in the early morning and hire a car for reaching out to Kalam valley that will take 5 hours. The road condition is good for the half journey but after that, you will have to drive carefully due to the broken road. After reaching Mahodand Lake, you will use the same path for going to ushu forest because there is no other way.

Attractions of Ushu forest

  • You can go to Matiltan that is 11kms away from Kalam and is famous for the huge glaciers, thick jungles, and sky-high peaks in the world. The highest hill is known as Falak sair and you can see it from the valley too.
  • Go to Gabral that is another hill station and sited at the distance of 20kms from Kalam valley. It is well-known for the brown trout fish, lush green and thick forests, spirals, and snow-covered peaks.
  • Visit the Mahodand Lake which is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It is near the Ushu vale and 40kms away from Kalam. It is accessible by jeep or car only. You can enjoy fishing, camping, and boating here. The green meadows, forest area, and snowy hills will make you feel stunned and happy.
  • Kandol Lake is also a charismatic location that is sited 19kms away in the north side of Utror. It is positioned in the bottom of Hindu-Kush mountain range and is accessible from Ladu valley after 6 hours of trekking.
  • Deep shadows of thick trees and bushes of Ushu forest with a slight breeze will create a filmy scene that will take you in the world of imagination.
  • You can go to see the mighty 22 falls that are turning and flowing from 100 feet that will leave you to feel surprised.
  • To enjoy a picnic in the forest, take your food and drinks with you.

Hotels in Ushu Forest

Ushu forest is a must visiting site for those who love greenery. It will give a deep relaxation to your mind, spirit, and body that is crucial in our hectic life.