Toli Peer: A Camping And BBQ Attraction For The Tourists

Introduction of toli peer

Toli peer is a famous hill station which is situated in Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. Its height is more than 8800 feet above from the sea level. From Rawalakot, it will take only 45 minutes to be here. There are many locations in the middle of the path in which Abbaspur, Bagh, Poonch River are included. You can also see their glimpse after reaching the toli peer. It is the highest mountain location in the northeast and the origin of three different mountain ranges. It is the best place for camping because, after the height, no restaurants are present. You can go there just for a day and in the evening; you will have to come back to the ground. There are many hotels and rest houses near it and you can stay there. The scenes are amazing and you will feel amazed after being here.

When to visit toli peer?

The weather at this site is very pleasant and you will feel that you are in paradise. So, it is accessible in summers because, in winters, the weather becomes too cold.

How to access toli peer?

You can use the Islamabad and Kahuta road for getting to this location. The highway condition is quite good and your journey will be excellent. Near Rawalakot, a new way is built and it will take only 30 minutes to reach the spot. From Khai Gala, it will take only 20 minutes. On the left, the road will take you to Banjosa Lake and on the right side; you will reach the toli peer. If you choose the lake first, you can book the rest house for your stay. After that, you can take some relaxation and go to toli peer for enjoying the natural beauty at its peak.

Attractions of toli peer

  • After getting to the top, the view is attractive and best to click the photos.
  • From the elevation, the Poonch River and three ranges can be seen.
  • After climbing to the peak, you will realize that the sights are becoming more striking.
  • There is a spiritual reservation in the hills region which is called Mazar by the local people.
  • Walking up, you will witness the lush green grasslands and the sky will be felt near your head. Most of the time, clouds come near us.
  • This site is the best option for the new climbers and hikers to take a start.
  • It is a dreamy spot where you will shed off all the burdens of your life.
  • At the top, do not expect to find the hotels and shade, so take your camps and food with you. You can do a BBQ party or prepare Karahi of the meat if you want.
  • You can enjoy music gala and dance of other people while eating food.

Hotels in toli peer

If you are an adventurous and fun loving person, visit such places with friends and family. Toli peer is an ideal chance to refresh your mind and body and let the tensions fade away for some time.