Toli Pir: A Camping And BBQ Attraction For The Tourists

Toli Pir is situated in Tehsil Rawalakot, Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. It is 8800ft high above sea level. Toli Pir has been a great tourist attraction for decades. The people fed up with the hot weather of the other parts of Pakistan move to Toli Pir to enjoy some days of merry-making. Nature exposes itself here in various forms; for example, you observe the snow spread far and wide in the hilly areas; also, you see green vegetation in the valley. The tourists go under the influence of the valley’s beauty and spend most of the time staying outdoors; they want to enjoy the happy moment of life in the company of nature. Nature also behaves friendly; providing them with fresh oxygen and beautiful scenes to refresh their mind and eyes; as long as they stay in the company of nature. Despite coming back home, the tourists stay in the valley; not physically but mentally. They fall in love with nature indeed.

How to access Toli Pir?

To reach Toli Pir on your personal conveyance you need to reach Islamabad via motorway; from Islamabad you start your journey on the route> Islamabad>Panjar>Patan>Rawalakot>Toli Peer. To reach Toli Pir by public transport you are required to reach pirwadai bus terminal Islamabad; here you find a bus to go to Rawalakot. Having reached there you hire a jeep to reach your destination. The tourism agencies working in major cities provide people with great facilities. You have to choose the package and the destination of your choice; the rest of the duties are performed by them; for example, travel arrangements, accommodation, and the food facilities. You remain their liability until you come back your home safe and sound.

Attractions of Toli Peer

  • The beautiful landscape attracts your attention and you leave behind all the worries of life.
  • The climbers and hikers can climb up the hills that are not as awful as the other hills in the northern areas.
  • While reaching the top of the hills you view the valley from above; it is really a fascinating view; also, you inhale fresh breeze refreshing your lungs and cooling down your blood pressure.
  • The grassland in the area sounds to be a part of paradise; you feel as if you are about to touch the sky.
  • You reach a very high place where clouds float about. You can touch the clouds enjoy a different feeling that you may have never enjoyed before.
  • At the top of the hills, you don’t find hotels and the rest houses; you better arrange to take your camps with you to stay away cold in the night.
  • The youth visiting this land really enjoy the mid-night music gala with BBQ party; it is the youth that bears the cold prevailing in the night; however, the optimum arrangement of the warm clothes is not overlooked.
  • The children should not stay there till evening the weather becomes really cold; the children are vulnerable to pneumonia.

Hotels near Toli Pir

If you are an adventurous and fun loving person, visit such places with friends and family. Toli Pir is an ideal chance to refresh your mind and body and let the tensions fade away for some time.

  • Toli Pir Guest House
  • AJK Guest House
  • PWD Guest House