Get Closer To Nature By Visiting Thandiani

Introduction to Thandiani

Thandiani means a cold place which is a hill station located 31kms away from the Abbottabad city in Galiyat sector Pakistan. It is situated more than 2700 meters above the sea level in a small place which is covered by the pine forests. It is an interesting locale to visit by nature lovers because the beauty of lush green hill station is the main attraction for the crowds. In summers, many tourists are directed towards this point and they come here to relax in a peaceful spot away from the busy and fast life. This location was discovered in the British rule and was used for the comfort of the officers that were appointed here. You will find some European houses and a small market that is filled with people in the summer months. In the east, beyond the Kunar River, the hills of Kashmir, Kaghan, and Kohistan will be visible to you. In the northwest, the peaks of Swat and Chitral are present.

How to access Thandiani?

You can use the route from Lahore to Burbhan and then go to Hassan Abdal and Haripur to reach Abbottabad. By following this direction, be on the Murree road by asking someone about the right path of Thandiani road. It is a steep highway where you can take your personal car or go by Bus. The same pathway will be used for coming back from this site and Nathia Gali is also there at a short distance.

Attractions of Thandiani

  • The mountains are quite thick around this spot as compared to the other hill stations.
  • You will witness many wild animals in which monkeys, leopards, pheasants, rare flying squirrel, and pine marten are included.
  • Take a hike around the location to explore the natural beauty that is enclosed in the pine trees but offers a marvelous view and attractive sceneries.
  • Climb the peak to be rewarded by the beautiful scenes of Galiyat region, Kashmir, Chitral, and Hazara.
  • The green grass and flowers are creating a relaxing setting for the hikers here.
  • If you are adventurous, going to the different difficult trekking paths will be a choice for you.
  • Remember to pack your picnic food with you and find a point to enjoy your lunch in nature.
  • It is not an established habitat but you will see some shops and rest houses there. The gorgeousness of this setting only lies in the charismatic landscapes and splendid climate.
  • You will discover small caves on the way to Thandiani that are made for the wild animals.
  • The dawn on this site is breathtakingly amazing but cold as well and the weather always stays cool.
  • As you will go to the top, you will see a road that appears to be going to the sky and gives an outstanding view.

Hotels in Thandiani

It is a worth visiting spot for the beauty and adventure lovers to get rid of the normal boring routine. It is recommended to go in summers to enjoy the natural magnificence to the fullest.