Enjoy Your Vacation With Family Or Friends In Shogran

Introduction to Shogran

Shogran, a village in the Kaghan valley at the height of 7749 feet above from the sea level, is an amazing location. It is 34kms away from the Balakot city and 212kms from Islamabad. Using a car or jeep, you can reach here and also see several places such as Sir Paye and Makra Peak. You will find affordable hotels and rest houses and mobile phone connections are also available. Local people are very simple and welcoming and this site is accessible in summers mostly. This place is a magnet for tourists from all around the world and there are many things that must be explored once in a lifetime. A chance to live in the forest guest house should not be missed at any cost. In the lush green lawns, you will find relaxation and peace. The amazing views will leave you amazed because the climate always stays very pleasant.

Climate of Shogran

The temperature is normally 20 degrees and drops to 3 degrees at night time. In winters, heavy snow, rain, storms with thunder will provide you a scary atmosphere.

How to access Shogran?

Start your journey early in the morning from Islamabad and go to Kiwai. The road condition is pretty fine and you will have to drive carefully. Use the small gears in the hilly areas that start right after Abbottabad which is 7kms away from Shogran. It will take 7 to 7.5 hours to complete your drive because the roads are steep. By motorway, it is 500kms from Islamabad. It is recommended to take small breaks because the car engine can heat up.

Attractions of Shogran

  • The resorts at this spot are remarkably perfect and it is the great attraction for the local travelers.
  • The scenes at this setting are just mind-blowing and superb.
  • Walk for 2 hours from the pine Jungle to go to the high land of Siri paye which is the best site for camping with breathtaking surroundings.
  • In the south, the sights of Makra Peak which is at the height of 3883 meters will make you feel happy.
  • In the north, the highest peak Malika Parbat is located in the Kaghan valley.
  • Balakot is also near where you will enjoy the beauty of River Kunhar.
  • Dudipatsar Lake is enclosed by the peaks and in summers, the water reflects them and it is reachable only in June to September.
  • There are multiple activities to do in which camping, BBQ party, fishing, hill walk, trekking, jeep safari, eat the trout at the bank of the river are included.
  • Different types of dishes are available such as Chicken and mutton karahi, biryani, kabab, roast, fish, burger, shawarma, and macaroni.
  • It is advised to book your hotel before going to this place otherwise you will not find any accommodation possibly.

Hotels in Shogran

You should definitely plan a trip to Shogran to give your mind some unforgettable memories. Marvelous sceneries will keep you occupied during the entire tour so you will not like to recall your boring life.