Hold Your Backpack And Go To Sharda

Introduction to Sharda

Sharda is a small town in Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and a district of Neelam region. It is situated on the bank of the river at the height of 1981 meters that is 136 meters away from Muzaffarabad. There are famous temples and Hindu religious sites where you can learn about the history and religion of Hindus. It is the main attraction of this spot and during the festivals; tourists come to this location for witnessing their activities. Shardi and Nardi are the famous mountain peaks that are overlooking this valley and the name is given to it in the remembrance of a princess. On the right hand of the river, surgan nullah alongside with a trail leads to noori pass and Kaghan vale.  It is better to visit those people who are interested in history and architecture.

When to visit Sharda?

The weather here stays very pleasant in summers and in winters, snow falls. It is so attractive that money is worth spending to observe the natural beauty.

How to access Sharda?

You can take your personal car till kel or hire a jeep for taobat. Use a track to reach Sharda because the road condition is quite fine, so it will take maximum of 8 hours to be there.

Attractions of Sharda

  • There are many locations that offer you scenic views that are not present in other parts of the homeland.
  • Go to see the Dhani waterfall, kutton, upper neelum, kel, arrang, and halmat for watching amazing sights.
  • Athmuqam is a cup-shaped vale where you will find multiple facilities such as banks, market, post office, hospital.
  • The majestic river that flows through it will let you praise the attractiveness.
  • Do not forget to visit shounter vale to observe the bondless desirability of nature.
  • Accommodation at this site is easily available in which government and private rental houses are included.
  • You can take a room on lease from the local people if you want. The rates are affordable and worth spending money on getting several facilities.
  • To enjoy camping, go to Ratti Gali because they have a tenting village where the charges are very low.
  • You can also book an igloo to do something unique.
  • You will find different food items expect from chicken and rice. A wide range of dishes are available and you can also eat fruits.
  • Curd, cheese, bread, and chutney are prominent things here. You can enjoy saag, Makai ki roti, and bottled water.
  • Go for hiking and trekking because it is a paradise for these things. During your walk, you will see countless hills, gorges, and lakes.
  • Travelers have frequent chances for camping at different sites but take the tour guide with you.

Hotels in Sharda

No doubt that Sharda has many stunning and amazing outlooks that make it very special. The endless and eye-catching beauty is the biggest reason for visitants to come.  Make some time from the hectic life and dump it for some days to give yourself a sense of relief.