Samundar Katha Lake is the great tourist attraction in the Galiyat region. Situated at the height of 7910ft above the sea level; the lake contains the cool water. The surroundings of the lake fascinate the visitors a lot. The people coming from across the country enjoy a lot sitting beside the lake. The people also like boating in the lake to enjoy the visit to the fullest. At midnight, the youth arrange musical nights with the BBQ parties; not only the youth enjoy the musical show but also the other visitors including men, women, and children become the participant of the show. The lake is in the middle of beautiful mountains covered with greenery. The long track on the other side of the lake also let the people enjoy long horse riding in the summer. In winter, the lake gets frozen and the boating activities are ceased for the time being.

How to access Samundar Katha Lake?

If you want to reach the destination of your choice on your personal conveyance you need to reach Islamabad from your home city. Having reached Islamabad you need to follow this route; Islamabad>Barakaho> Changla Gali> Ayubia National Park>Nathia Gali> Sumandar Khatta Lake. To go on public transport, you reach Faizabad bus terminal Rawalpindi there you find vehicle for Nathia Gali. You will be taken to your destination in 2 and half an hour. Also, the tourism agencies arrange for a visit for Sumadar Khutta Lake; they provide you with all possible facilities at every step. You can contact a tourism agency in your city to get information about its latest packages.

The attractions of Samundar Katha Lake

  • The lake is in the vicinity of Nathia Gali; a great tourist attraction takes you to the height of Galiyat.
  • While visiting Samundar Katha Lake you cannot avoid the nearby tourist attraction; the Nathia Gali bazaar; a variety of things handy crafts are available in the bazaar.
  • It is the place where you can find the best meal in the nearest restaurant situated in the middle of the beautiful mountains. The greenery around the restaurant and the cool breeze refresh your eyes and breathe nicely.
  • The horse riding on the nearby tracks enhances the enjoyment of the visit to Sumader Khutta Lake. Also, the lush green meadows in the area let you feel as if you are visiting a dreamland.
  • Samdur Khatta Lake itself is a great attraction with its clear water and the eye-catching surrounding; once a person enters the area where the lake is situated, the person wants to become the part of the sight.
  • While walking in the morning you smell the fragrance of wildflowers and the smell of pine trees. In the morning the fragrance can be felt more than at the other times of the day.
  • In the area monkeys are abundant; they try to snatch your goods sometimes.