Plan A Thrilling Adventure Trip To Lake Saif Ul Malook

Introduction to Saif ul Malook

Saif ul Malook is a lake which is located near the Naran valley in the north side of Kaghan. It is positioned on a great height of 3224 meters from the sea level and is a must visit of the tourists that go to Kaghan. It is a majestic place that is filled with a lot of natural beauty that will fascinate you. The pleasant atmosphere will tell the history and stories related to this site.  It is the central attraction of thousands of visitors that come to this spot every year during the summer season. Some people come here again and again because they cannot resist the charm of it. The lake provides a wonderful outlook of Malika Parbat which is the premier peak of the Valley.

Climate of Saif ul Malook

The weather always stays pleasant and welcomes the tourists to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. The temperature is 15 degrees in July when other parts of the country are burning due to extreme heat. In the night time, it can drop to 3 degrees and the use of jacket is recommended. In winters, due to heavy snowfall, the lake remains frozen and it becomes very hard to reach it. The depth of it is 50 feet.

How to access Saif ul Malook?

A jeep can be used for accessing Saif ul Malook and the distance is 14kms. A metallic road will join you with Balakot and Kaghan in the summers. If you will go by walking, the journey will complete within 6 hours.

Attractions of Saif ul Malook

  • You can call the lake a bowl because water from multiple glaciers accumulates in it.
  • You will find green and blue algae and plants in it.
  • Big trout fish is also found here that weights 7kgs and the taste is amazing and you will not see it in any other area of Pakistan.
  • You can do fishing but keep the equipment with you because there you will not find any equipment.
  • You can do boating to enjoy the ride by going closer. This experience will be full of excitement but you should remain careful because it is very deep. Do not take any risk because recuse service is not available here.
  • Horses and ponies are offered if you are unable to walk on foot.
  • Camping in the full moon night will make you feel that you are living a fairytale but take your camps with you.
  • The scene of the sky filled with billions of stars will leave you unspoken and you would like to stay here always.
  • There are shops near this spot from where you can buy the food and drinks but it is advised to take everything with you.
  • At a small distance from this site, Ansoo Lake is situated.

Hotels near Saif ul Malook

If you are an enthusiastic and adventurous spirit then the Saif Ul Malook is waiting for you. The mesmerizing and crystal clear water will take you in the world of dreams.