Lake Saif ul Malook has a Fairy-Tale-Like Ambiance

Lake Saif-ul-Malook is the great tourist attraction in Kaghan valley. The lake is situated in the northern end of Kaghan Valley 10577 ft. high above the sea level. The tourist coming from every part of the world visit Lake Saif-ul-Malook to view nature closely with waking eyes. The lake looks like a bowl as it contains the water of several glaciers. Many fairy tales are popular about the lake; for example, the fairies descend from the sky on every moon night. The tourists especially stay on the bank of the lake on moon night to view the fairies descending from the sky; fairies don’t descend but the moonlight reflects from the lake’s water. The view is really magical; the visitors are fully fascinated by that view. The is surrounding by eye-catching snowy hills. The people leave the worries of life far behind once they enter this area where the lake is located.

Climate of Saif ul Malook

The weather always stays pleasant and welcomes the tourists to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. The temperature is 15 degrees in July when other parts of the country are burning due to extreme heat. In night, it can drop to 3 degrees and the use of jacket is recommended. In winters, due to heavy snowfall, the lake remains frozen and it becomes very hard to reach it.

How to access Lake Saif-ul-Malook?

On your personal conveyance, you reach Islamabad via motorway from your native city. Having reached Islamabad, you follow this route to reach lake Saif-ul-Malook; Islamabad> Abbotabad> Mansehra> Kiwai> Paras> Mahandri> Kaghan> Naran> Saif-ul-Malook Lake. Public transport, you reach Pirwadai bus terminal Islamabad. The buses leaving to Naran are readily available. You reach Naran and here you hire a jeep or you ride a minivan to reach your destination. The tourism agencies also arrange a visit to Lake Saif-ul-Malook, they provide you with every facility at every point; you just have to select a package; the rest is good to go; a tourist guide helps you everywhere. The entire responsibility of your accommodation and food lies on the shoulders of the tourism agency. To get the information about their latest package you can visit any tourism agency in your city.

Attractions of Saif ul Malook

  • The lake is a romantic sight that attracts the attraction of thousands of tourists every year. Sitting on the bank of the lake the people forget the worries of their lives.
  • The fairy-tale-like ambiance of the lake fascinates the tourist; once they stay here they never want to go back home.
  • Special trout fish is found in this lake; the taste of the trout fish is very tasty.
  • The shape of the lake is like a big bowl; as you see the water coming from different glaciers collects here.
  • The tourists are facilitated with a pony or horse ride.
  • It is really a dreamland where people view waking eyes that have never been seen by them at any other place in the world.
  • The cool water of the lake also rids you of the hotness you have been feeling in the native hot area of yours.
  • Many fairy tales are attributed to the lake; some of the native tour guides tell the tourists that fairy descends on the water of the lake on moon night. Many of the tourists especially visit the lake to view the site; the fairies are not seen; however, the moonlight reflects in the clear water of the lake.