Neelum Valley: A Perfect Location For Daydreaming And Forgetting The World

Introduction to Neelum valley

Neelum Valley is 144kms long a location in Azad Kashmir that is famous for the amazing scenes. The scenic beauty of this site will leave you feeling amazed and there are many other sites with natural views. On the behind, Swat and Chitral are sited but due to security issues with India, it is limited to visit for tourists from decades. But now, gradually, tourism is picking up and thousands of visitors from western countries are coming to this place. This spot is ideal for trekking and fair weather opens the doors for people to come here. At the distance of 155kms, Kel is situated that is a miracle in itself and best for natural attraction.

How to access Neelum valley?

Buses go on this route daily from Islamabad and it takes more than 3.5 hours to reach it. The roads condition is quite fine and your journey will be comfortable. Due to land sliding and heavy storm, roads can get blocked in winters and even in summers. Transport can get jammed in heavy traffic to go there with a professional driver.

When to visit Neelum Valley?

If you want to go in winters then the temperature will be very low. It is open for people all around the year but the best time to visit this is from April to October. Hiking is preferably done in Neelum Valley from July to September.

Attractions of Neelum Valley

  • Kundal Shahi is 74kms away from Muzaffarabad and it is the point where Jagran Nallah connects with Neelum River that is famous for trout fish.
  • Go to Jagran Valley that is 16kms away from Kundal Shahi but it can be accessed by unpaved road. You will easily find accommodation for living in this spot.
  • Salkhala is 3kms ahead from Kundal Shahi where you can schedule your next stay during your trip because rent houses are available to stay.
  • Authmuqam is 10kms from Kundal Shahi located at the height of 1371 meters and it is the head-quarter of the area and the best fascination for hiking and exploring the inner valley. You will find several types of fruits and many other facilities in which banks, post office, hospital, and markets are available.
  • Dowarian is 13kms from Neelum at the height of 1615 meters that is covered by the mountains. A forest rest house is the main charm that is near the main road. 
  • Sharda is a magnificent green spot at an altitude of 1981 meters and two peaks Shardi and Nardi are also located here. It is reputed from the name of a princess Sharda and the landscape with springs and hillsides are covered with trees. On the right side, Neelum joins Surgan Nallah.

Hotels in Neelum Valley

If you are looking for heaven on Earth then Neelum Valley is the spot where you should go with friends and family to feel the natural environment. It is guaranteed that you would never like to come back again from here.