See The Attractions And Do Cool Things In Nathia Gali

Introduction to Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is a hills station in Hazara division located in the KPK province of Pakistan. It is situated in the lower Himalayan range at the altitude of 2205 feet. It is 32kms away from Murree and a part of Galiyat sector. This place is known for the mesmerizing, scenic beauty, trekking paths, amusing weather which is cooler than the rest of the parts of the country. It is famous for lush green meadows, cottages, cherry blossom, walnut, maple, and oak trees.  It lies in between two cities of Abbottabad and Murree and the best time to come here is from May to August. If you are going on your own ride, the travel distance from Islamabad is only 2 hours if the traffic is less. Thousands of tourists from Pakistan and all around the world come to visit this area. They enjoy skiing, climbing, Horse riding, and many other activities. In snowfall, it looks ravishing and eye-catching and it can get very foggy too.

How to access Nathia Gali?

You can choose the Abbottabad route as a short-cut by using the Hazara motorway. It is a single way road so massive traffic can create a problem. A half an hour ride will become longer and all your excitement will be lost. The less stressful road is expressway that passes from Murree and you will reach Nathia Gali within 120 minutes by using a car. Roads have sharp turns, so it is recommended to go by Bus with a trained driver in the day time.

Attractions of Nathia Gali

  • Use the Mukshpuri hiking track to stopover the Lalazar wildlife park at the end of the Gali and you will reach it within one hour. The park has a handful of animals that are accessed by an unsteady path.
  • The Miranjani track is for experienced hikers but the sights are worth watching.
  • You can go to dungagali by taking the pipeline walk which is constructed from around 4kms at the end of Ayubia.
  • The views are mind-blowing that will leave a historical mark on your mind when you will walk over the pipeline that supplies water to Murree.
  • The Nathiagali Bazaar is always busy and filled with people even in the night time. It is hard to bargain but you will be able to buy high-quality shawls and hand-knotted carpets. 
  • You can visit Matthews Church that was made in the British government days and go to governor house from there.
  • You can take a track from Karnak house to walk midst the sky-hugging pines.
  • Monkeys are everywhere that enhances the beauty to a great extent. 
  • To eat tasty desi chicken karahi, you have to head to Abshar. You can eat pakoras, samosas, Daal, BBQ meat, baked Naan, yogurt, jalebis, ice-cream, tea, coffee, and pizza here.

Hotels in Nathia Gali

The conclusion is that Nathia gali is a paradise on earth where you will definitely adore your leisure time. It is worth a sightseeing spot with family and friends. When you go there, be a careful and happy guest of a happy place.