Awesome Perks Of Staying At Naran Valley

Introduction to Naran valley

Naran Valley is a town located in the upper Kaghan in the Mansehra Region of KPK Pakistan. It is situated 119kms from the city and it is at the height of 7904 feet from the sea level. From Babusar Top, it is 70kms away. It is known as heaven on Earth and Switzerland of Pakistan because the beauty of this spot is worth watching. The climate here is very pleasant and the roads are accessible the whole year. In heavy snowfall, roads get blocked but now, the administration takes quick action to clear them.

When to visit Naran valley?

This location stays busy in the summers and many tourists come here. The number of people increases in December because they want to observe heavy snowfall. The temperature is 10 degrees because the forests and pastures ruling over the land that is 17000 feet below the peaks.

How to access Naran valley?

Use the Naran road from Mansehra that connects with many attractive locations in which Noori and Purbi valley, Babusar Pass, and Lake Saif ul Mulook are included. It is a very interesting place where thousands of local and international visitants come to discover this stunning locate. The astonishing beauty will blow your mind and you will keep the memories with you for the entire life. The rising season to visit it is from June to August and public transport is used for reaching here.

Attractions of Naran valley

  • Shogran is a house of several hills situated in the Naran valley which is 7749 above the sea level and offers a striking sight.
  • It is a great spot for the hiking and trekking that offers you multiple choices for entertainment.
  • Go to the lake Saif-ul-mulook which is located at 10,000 feet height and considered to be the top stop by the visitors.
  • It is covered by the mountains and the calm surface imitates the reflection of the mountains in its water.
  • It is 5 miles away from the main city and uses the car or jeep to go there.
  • Lalazar is a field sited 13 miles from Naran and it is a desirable position with natural atmosphere. Mountains and pine forests are near this point that gives a lovely scene to people.
  • Siri Payee is at the end of the pine jungle and there are many guesthouses and huts for summer rent. It offers a charming outlook of the valleys and river.
  • Ansoo Lake has the shape similar to an eye and it is 4245 meters above from the sea. You can go here after completing 7 to 8 hours trekking from Saif ul Maluk.
  • You can also stopover Malika Parbat, Gitidas, Sat Sar Mala, Saral, Dudipatsar lakes, and Noori top.
  • River Kunhar flows in the right center of the Naran valley and tourists sit by the water and enjoy the outdoor weather.

Hotels in Naran valley

Change of environment can add spice in the boring life, so individuals take a tour to peaceful and astonishing sites. You can plan a trip to this exotic place to praise the Almighty and to discover the magnificence of the motherland.