Introduction to Nagar

In the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan, a valley called Nagar is sited and it is well-known for its beauty. It is the division of the Hunza Nagar region and is directionally subdivide into two tehsils that are Nagar 1 and Nagar 2. The estimated height of this spot is 2438 meters and the main town of this site is known as Nagar Khas. It was the capital of the earlier state of Nagar and this location has a magnetism that attracts tourists towards it.  The nearest mountains include the Rakaposhi that is 7788 meters above from the seas level. Diran and many other heightened peaks are also located here. It is a heaven on earth that will take you in the world of dreams from where you would never like to come back. The beauty and natural views will make you ready to drop the boring and hectic life and start living there.

From the mid of April till the end of September, you will find the climate pleasurable. In summers, the temperature reaches only 13 degrees. In winters, you will observe very cold weather which is unpredictable from October and till the end of March. The temperature can fall down till -14 degrees.  Form the southwest side; it is linked with the Gilgit Agency. On the north and northwest side, China is sited.  In the northeast side, Afghanistan is positioned.  To prevent the haunting of the animals, Nagar was declared as a community park that is now entertaining local and international people.

How to access Nagar?

You can go from Rawalpindi to the Bus terminal of Gilgit that will take 16 to 18 hours for the completion of the journey. From there, you can go to Karimabad that is at the ride of 2 hours. You can take public transport from Karimabad or Ganish village to reach Passu. You can go to Hunza, Nagar, and Khunjerab pass by hiring a jeep on rent.

Attractions of Nagar

  • You can go to Ghulmet village using the Karakorum Highway and then visit the Rakaposhi base camp. You will get to watch the absolutely amazing view of Rakaposhi face. This valley is called the zero point of Rakaposhi and the scenes here are just mind-blowing.
  • Visit Minapin valley where you can see the green vegetation and shining glacier. At a short distance, you can observe the beauty of Minapin glacier and Diran base camp.
  • The Nagar valley is divided into three parts that have important glaciers that are known as Hopar, Sumayar, and Hispar.
  • Sumayar valley has a golden peak that will make you admire the rocky face of the mountain.
  • You can find different types of local foods and also Pakistani foods.

Hotels in Nagar

If you want to witness heavenly location on the planet earth then Nagar is the right site for you. Just pack your bag pack and give this spot a chance to make you feel serene and amazed.