Choose Murree For Taking A Memorable Break From Busy Life

Introduction to Murree

Murree is known to be the largest visiting place in Pakistan. The beauty of this city is magnificent that leaves a spell on the tourists. There are many attractions in which cafes, hotels, and shopping malls are included. Nothing can steal the show of mall road that is always filled with people not matter if it’s a day or night. It is famous as a meeting place and a worth seen street. The city locates in the northeast and Kashmir point gives a satisfactory view of Jhelum River and PirPanjal range of Kashmir. In the southwest, Pindi point dominates and you can notice identical cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi below. In the full moon night, the magnetism of this location is very striking. The chair lift will take you several kilometers below the highway where you can see a natural beauty closely. The weather is majestic and there are cottages, bungalows, lush green gardens, churches, and restaurant buildings are present.

How to access Murree?

The main entrance is from Islamabad and two routes can take you there. Motorway road via new Murree will take a 1.5-hour drive and the other single highway will take 2 hours or more in heavy traffic. Frequent Vans for transportation are available from Faizabad and luxury bus (Daewoo) is also running from the bus station. It is highly advised to go from Islamabad and return from Abbottabad.

Attractions of Murree

  • Go to Patriata, a hill station located 15km in the southeast to enjoy chair lift ride that runs around 7kms.
  • You will see eye-catching views of green hills of Kashmir.
  • Sozo Water Park is another attraction and there are many things for your amusement including a haunted house.  It’s a famous and largest waterpark in the history of Pakistan. The filtration and chemical treatment make sure that the environment is safe and clean from dirt.
  • Ayubia track also called the pipeline track was built for the water supply to Murree. It is 4km long and it is made in the middle of the mountain where you can see the stunning rising mountains.
  • The mall road is the best spot because you will discover several shops for shopping and eating things. There you will find Bacha gari for traveling as a local transport alternative. 
  • At a short distance, Bhurban is situated and the PC hotel is the biggest fascination.
  • Pindi point also attracts visitors where chair lift service is available and you can view the amazing scenes, zigzagged pathways, peaks, and valleys.
  • You must go to the Holy Trinity Church because its architecture is worth watching.
  • Continue your journey from there to reach Sindh and Punjab house where the semi and provincial government, and private department are working.
  • On the food corners, you will get halwa puri, eggs, paratha, coffee, tea, pizza, burger, Samosas, and many other snacks as well.

Hotels in Murree

Murree is not a small city when it comes to heavenly fine-looking sites. Whenever you will find time from the busy routine, make sure to add it in your worth visiting sites.