Plan A Dreamy Trip To Malam Jabba

Introduction to Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba has two ski resorts in Pakistan and the main road of Kalam and Madyan turns to the right of Manglor town that is 12kms away from Saidu Sharif. There are small series of Villages in which Malam, Kishora, and Spine Oba, and finally Jabba is located. Malam is a small village that is prior to Kishora village. Malam is another village that is 18kms away from Kishora. Jabba is the highest village in the entire series and Malam is the ski resort that is maintained by the Pakistan tourism development corporation. It is located at a height of 8700 meters above from the sea level. The weather stays very beautiful and mesmerizing here. In winters, it gets more than 8 to 12 feet of snow. The temperature falls to the freezing point and you have to wear warm clothes. The best time to go there is from April and October.

How to access Malam Jabba?

This location is 314kms away from Islamabad and after reaching Saidu Sharif, you will get there after covering 51kms distance. A scenic road is used for accessing this site. If you are running short of time, then there is an airport in Saidu Sharif that can take the passengers to their destination.

Attractions of Malam Jabba

  • The views are just unbelievable with mountain peaks, deep vales, and forest. As far as you will see, you will enjoy nature at its peak.
  • Malam Jabba offers two skiing points and chairlifts that can take 56 tourists at the height of 10,500 feet.
  • If you are a beginner, there is a chairlift for you as well.
  • A warm house, snow clearing equipment, and all modern facilities are also available.
  • Roller and frozen dihydrogen monoxide staking and a helipad are the main attractions.
  • You will be able to enjoy indoor games facilities and hotels with national and international food.
  • A luxury motel can make your trip more wonderful and filled with fun. It is the most remarkable skiing resort in the entire world.
  • There are two major trekking paths that go through scenic Ghorband valley that is 18kms away from this resort.
  • Another trek will take you to the top of Shangla within 1 and a half hour and onward to the Karakoram highway.
  • It will also take you to the Soboney valley that is 17kms away and there is captivating pine jungle.
  • You will also find peach and apple gardens here.
  • The accommodation is available and you can stay in the PTDC ski resort that has several rooms and luxury suites.

Hotels in Malam Jabba

We all know that boring and busy routine has a very negative impact on our mind and body. To overcome those effects, it is necessary to take a break and just find time for yourself. Plan your trip with friends and family members and get lost in the natural beauty of Malam Jabba. It is definite that after returning back from this place, you will feel fresh and ready for life once again.