Introduction to Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake is located at the height of 9400 feet in the Hindu Kash mountain range. It is spread over 2kms by length approximately and it will take two to three hours for reaching it because it is 30 to 40kms away from Kalam valley. The banks of this lake are covered by the pines and meadows that are serving people as a camping site during the summers. It is nourished by the glaciers and spirals of Hindu Kush Mountain and it also gives rise to Ushu Khwar, the biggest branch of River Swat.

In winters, the lake freezes and is covered by heavy snow. In summers, the bowl of it is encircled by a sheet of alpine flowers in which geum, blue poppy, potentilla, and gentian are included. Other than this, it is delimited by various Pinus species that serves wild animals. Also, it contains abundant of trout fish that is the main attraction for the fish lovers. You can do fishing and camping at this site. The water of it is divided into a series of small and large brooks which once grouped with brown and rainbow trout fish. The local people earn money by doing fishing but due to their overfishing and illegal methods, the fish population has reduced drastically.

How to access Mahodand Lake?          

 It will take 4 to 5 hours to drive from Islamabad and you must stay at Saidu Sharif. In the early morning, eat your breakfast and hire the car for Kalam vale that is another ride of 5 hours. Road condition is quite good till Bahrain valley but after that, you will face a hard-driving situation due to bad road.

Again start your trip by taking the jeep on the road and enter the forests of kalam. After crossing it, you can stop at Ushu Valley. Some spots of this site are really inspiring and fantastic.  You will enjoy the flowing water of streams that will offer a spectacular view. It is the source of water and power generation for the local community. On the way towards this site, you can see many locals with their groups of sheep and goats.  You will have to stop and wait for them to clear the road for you. It is the daily routine that travelers have to face but it is worth watching. Mahi Banal will be the next stop after reaching Matiltan that is very beautiful.

Attractions of Mahodand Lake

  • You will find a market on the way to the lake where you will find things to buy and to eat.
  • Mahodand Lake is the Majestic gift by nature because it is covered by the green pastures, snow-covered hills, and thick forests.
  • The pine trees are adding more beauty to it and giving a pleasant look. 
  • You can enjoy trekking and fishing there and will be amused by the beauty.

Hotels in Mahodand Lake

If you are planning a trip to aboard then cancel it and go straight to Mahodand Lake. It will be a pleasant and unforgeable tour for you. The charm and beautiful landscape will make you forget everything.