Introduction to Lalusar Lake

Lalusar Lake is situated at the distance of 48kms away from Naran Bazar. It takes only 1.5-hour drive for reaching here from Naran and it is accessible by all kinds of vehicles. It is a popular visiting point and people must come here when they go to Babusar top. You will find no hotel or restrooms here to stay and you will have to go back to Naran. After booking your hotel, you can visit this lake without any tension. It is the main source of River Kunhar and it has Baby Lake too.

This location is sited at the height of 3410 meters. It is the longest lake in the Kaghan valley than the other ones. The mirror-like water imitates the reflection of mountains and snow-covered peaks that creates a natural beauty. It is open in summers only but you will not be able to access it in winters due to blocked roads. Heavy snowfalls here and it will not be possible to reach it. You will not be able to use any hiking or camp gear for it. It offers a splendid opportunity for fishing in the blue water that is surrounded by high mountains. The amazing beauty and peace will blow your mind. It is an ideal point for relaxation and enjoying leisure. 

How to access Lalusar Lake?

To reach Lalusar Lake, you have to go through the Besal that is the only track. It is located at a height of 10500 feet; it will take only half an hour for being here. The road is very dangerous at this point so it is better to drop the car at Naran and use the jeep further. It is advised to take your drinks and food with you because there is no availability of these things. Start your journey early in the morning.

Attractions of Lalusar Lake

  • This lake flows from the southwest side through the full length of Kaghan and Naran valley.
  • It passes through Jalkhand, Kaghan, Jared, Paras, and Balakot and joins River Jehlum.  You can go here to jeeps to enjoy a safe journey.
  • You can take pictures for making the memories and spend your day near the dark blue water.
  • You can eat your food on the bank of the lake and also do fishing if you like. It is necessary to take your equipment with you otherwise you won’t get them there.
  • It will be an exciting trip that you will always remember.
  • At a short distance, dudipaster lake is situated which is also a great attraction for tourists.
  • You can go to Babusar and then move ahead to Saif-ul-malook which is famous for its beauty in all over the world. It has a great magnetism that attracts everyone.

Hotels in Lalusar Lake

Lalusar Lake is a highly visited point by people because of its brilliance and calmness. If you want to enjoy some moments of peace then go there and just flow with the water.