Travel To Leepa Valley For An Amazing And Memorable Journey

Introduction to leepa valley

Leepa valley is located 45kms from Muzaffarabad and it has an open road that will lead you towards leepa from Nail which goes to Reshian gali at the height of 10500 feet. Then it descends to 5500 feet into this spot. There are numerous places for the tourists to visit that are expressing their beauty themselves. If you are going for a trip to this place, you will not be able to totally come out of the fascination.

The green mountains filled with pine trees give an amazing view. It has a central bazaar and the population is more than 70000. The locals are very loving, well-mannered, and deal with the sightseers with a very good attitude. In villages, slopes and plains make the view worth watching. Narrow paths can make it hard for the jeep to travel but you will see many fields of rice and barley. Wooden houses are made here instead of cement.

When to visit leepa valley?

In the winters, this spot is covered with the blanket of snow but in summers, it is open for the visitants. The best time to go there is from May to November. People from the entire country come there to enjoy the pleasant weather and marvelous beauty. There are many villages that also add charisma to this area.

How to access leepa valley?

The route from Muzaffarabad towards chakothi and river Jehlum can be used for accessing it. After driving for an hour, you will cross Hattian Bala to go to Rashian. The roads are excellent and then they start to ascend. It is better to use the 4/4 jeep for traveling on this path. At Rashian, there is an army check post and you have to show them your identity card, so carry it with you. They will keep it and will return when you will return from your trip. There are two routes here that can be used to reach leepa valley but the best one is from DaoKhen. It is like circling and you will see all the parts of this site. It will take 7 to 10 hours to complete your full journey.

Attractions of leepa valley

  • Go to Rashian that is a village with matchless striking beauty and positioned 67kms Westward of Muzaffarabad. It is also the only entry point to the vale and 1674 meters above from the sea level.
  • Chananian is in the opposite direction and near the LOC at the height of 2226 meters away from Naily. It is enclosed by the pine forest and a stream is also flowing near it.
  • You can contact the local people for taking houses on rent for accommodation.
  • You will find all type of foods here in which rice is top of the list.

Hotels in leepa valley

The most inspiring looks of leepa valley are crafted by the Almighty with love and care that will make you feel peaceful. The fresh melting water is an ideal allure that will add magic to your memories.