Plan A Fabulous Holiday To River Kunhar Without Breaking Your Bank Account

Introduction to River kunhar

Kunhar is a river that is 166kms long and it is located in the KPK province of Pakistan. It is in the western side where all the five rivers of Punjab met and river Chenab also passes through the Jehlum district. It creates a spiral in the western-south side of Indian occupied Kashmir. Then it flows from Srinagar and Lake Wular to enter Pakistan through a narrow path. Neelam Brook joins in River Jhelum in Muzzafarabad and Then River Kunhar comes. It is connected to Azad Kashmir at the point of Kohala Bridge that is in the east side. River Poonch joins it and then flow through Mirpur to Mangla Dam. It enters Jehlum city in Punjab to flow through the plains by forming a boundary in Sindh Sagar Doabs and Chaj. In the end, it enters Chenab, Sutlej and then River Indus.

The icy water of this location gives a wonderful feeling to people that come from the local and international cities. It is a blessed land with various natural sceneries that will make you feel relaxed. The tourism rate of this site is increasing day by day due to the heat in other parts of the country. Beautiful and mesmerizing nature views that are associated with this spot are loved by everyone and it is one of the top attractions in Kaghan valley. The greenery around it is worth watching and after visiting this habitation, you will realize how beautiful this country is.

How to access river Kunhar?

The total driving time to reach here is 262kms from Islamabad and it will take 4.5 hours to reach this location. There will be many places during this journey where you can stop to take some rest such as Naran, Kaghan, and many other places.

Attractions of river Kunhar

  • River kunhar is known as the backbone of the Kaghan valley and the views from hills will make your tour perfect.
  • The glorious scene that includes a twist in the watercourse just like a loose rope and you must see this site once in a lifetime.
  • A ride of the boat will let you closely observe the attractiveness of water and feel that you are in a wonderland.
  • It is an eye-catching place where you can enjoy fishing and the trout is famous for its taste.
  • After coming to this site once, you would like to visit it again and again.
  • You can also do rafting which is not for the faint-hearted people because it is a very thrilling experience. You have to keep in mind that safety precautions are important to follow during this adventure.
  • There is no age limit to enjoy here because visitors of all ages and genders are found there.

Hotels in River Kunhar

If you are an adventurous spirit then visiting River kunhar is crucial for you. The breathtakingly amazing water flow will dissolve all your tensions. Just pack your bags and drop the boring life for some days to live your life to the fullest at this spot.