A Fairyland On Earth: Kumrat Valley

Introduction to Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is a charming place in the upper dir region of KPK Pakistan. It is a beautiful site that you will ever visit and a striking attraction for the tourists. Every summer season, thousands of travelers take the direction to the vale and enjoy the natural green beauty and cool weather. Unlike other regions of Kalam, it is enclosed with lush green meadows, snow-covered mounts, flowing river Panjkora, hypnotic foggy dunes, and dreamy jungles are ever appealing holds of the area.

It is a habitation of flora and fauna that gives it more magnetism. It is located in upper dir that is at the back side of the Swat and Kohistan area. It is a good camping site but you have to bring your camps with you. The weather here is very pleasant and romantic. It is best to come to this spot in the summers to witness the magnificence of the Allah Almighty. The temperature reaches 15 degrees in summers. In winters, snow falls and increases the natural desirability.

How to access Kumrat valley?

Leave Islamabad in the early morning using your personal car and have your breakfast on the way. After reaching Sharinghal, you can hire the jeep for Kumrat valley. It will be easy to go there using the jeep because the road condition is not very ideal. It will take 10 hours to complete your journey from Islamabad to Thall. It will take further 4 hours to get to Kumrat valley.

Where to stay in Kumrat valley?

There are abundant tent camps during the sightseer’s season and they offer many other facilities at a similar rate. In late September, you will see that tents are still standing but people do not come at this time of year. They charge a very reasonable fee for giving you a tent. You will receive food amenities too and there are small stores around the areas as well. Options are very limited, so it is advised to bring your tents and food with you if possible.

Attractions of Kumrat valley

  • The vale will provide you the countless option for hiking, trekking, and rock climbing.
  • There is the base camp of alpine glacial Katora Lake that is sited at the height of 11,500 feet. It will take 3 to 5 hours to get there.
  • You can go the see the overflowing water of the Panjkora River.
  • You can go to Jahaz Banda, Thal, Patrak, Kalkot, Lamutai, and Seri during your stay.
  • It is a less explored position due to the bad roads but the beauty of this location is just marvelous.
  • You won’t be able to take your eyes off from the green lush meadows and snow covered hills. All these views will make you go into the imaginal world and just forget about your hectic life.
  • You can enjoy camping, bonfire, BBQ party, trout fishing, and visit the wooden forest.

Hotels in Kumrat Valley

To observe a fairyland on earth, you must once go to Kumrat valley. It will really blow your mind and will make you ready to drop everything and live there.