Khunjerab Pass Lets You Travel Between Heaven And Earth

Khunjerab Pass is the highest point on the Korakaram highway. It is considered to be the highest international border situated at the highest point on earth. The border is connected to China on the other side. It is considered to be a safe border as compared to the other borders connecting Pakistan. The reason is quite obvious; Pakistan has good relations with China for decades. The weather of the area is very cold and sometimes the tourists have to suffer breathing issues due to its high elevation. Natural beauty has surrounded the pass from all sides. In winter, the roads to Khunjerab pass remain blocked due to heavy land sliding and heavy rains. The heavy snow is also observed in the area. Moreover, reaching the Khunjerab pass itself is hard task. The winding roads passing through hilly areas let the tourist watch the beauty with opened eyes; also the awful ditches show the breathtaking view; the local drivers can drive there safely. The people of other areas of Pakistan should not take risk of driving here.

How to access Khunjerab pass?

To reach Khunjerab Pass by your private conveyance you need to reach Islamabad via motorway to start your formal journey; Islamabad> Abbottabad> Mansahra> Balakot> Naran> Babusar Top> Chillas> Gilgit> Hunza> Khunjarab Pass. To reach Khunjerab Pass by public transport Bus service of NATCO and Faisal Movers start from Rawalpindi and leads to Hunza. The tourism agencies working in major cities provide people with great facilities. You have to choose the package and the destination of your choice; the rest of the arrangements are performed by them; such as, travel arrangements, accommodation and meals.

Attractions of Khunjerab pass

  • While reaching there you take heavy breathing; nevertheless, you acclimatize with the environment after a short stay there.
  • Glacier Breeze Passu is the tourist attraction on the way back.
  • To reach the top of the peak, you have to go upstairs. It is a great height; having reached there, you avail the facility of a nice hotel serving you with local and national foods.
  • The road approaching Khunjerab pass is said to be the 8th wonder of the world. The road was built between 1980 to 1990.
  • While traveling to the pass, you see the natural beauty in open. The beautiful landscapes, lakes, rivers, and the lush green meadows fascinate you in a real sense.
  • On the other hand, you also pass through the awful sites where you feel as if you are traveling between heaven and earth without any support; while taking turn on the zigzag road you slightest mistakes drop your conveyance in the ditches thousands of feet below the road.
  • A large-hearted driver can drive on the roads approaching the Khunjerab pass.
  • The travel to Khunjerab is really very risky and enjoyable; you must live your life without the fear of death as it surely approaches you when your time is over.