Happiness Is Around The Corner In Keran

Introduction to Keran

Keran is a village and resort in neelum valley Kashmir Pakistan that is located 95kms from Muzaffarabad. It is at the height of 5000 feet and 2.5kms from Neelum village. It is a village on the side of the river in the Indian Kashmir and it is accessible by a road that is 93kms from the main city. It is famous for fascinating views and the bazar add more charm to this site. You will be able to see the glimpse of occupied Kashmir from this spot. The lush green trees, fruits, wildlife attract the visitants from all parts of the country. There are many remarkable features that you will be able to enjoy here. The weather condition is very pleasant than other corners of the motherland. The mesmerizing scenes will make you feel relax and enjoy a happy time around nature beauty.

How to access Keran?

It is easy to reach this place by using your personal car or bus. From Islamabad, you can go from m2 to Kashmir road and then Murree Expressway. You can go to Kohala road to reach Neelam valley. The highway condition is good but you have to stay careful while traveling.

Attractions of Keran

  • Start exploring the beauty of this spot in the early morning and do trekking.
  • You can hire jeep if you cannot walk and then return in the night time to your hotel.
  • Go to Patikka that is 17kms from Neelam valley and it will take 20 minutes to reach it. A mini zoo, trout fish, and rest houses are available for the enjoyment of the tourists.
  • Dawarian is 10ks from Keran and you can use a jeep to reach Ratti Gali. To facilitate the visitors, hotels are found but they are not in good condition.
  • Dhani Waterfall is the tallest waterfall and it is 45 minutes from Muzaffarabad. You will find tuck shops but accommodation is not presented.
  • You can go to see the Neelum Jhelum Dam that is 40kms from the city and it a mega project on the roadside.
  • Chillina is at the distance of 1-hour drive and you will be able to witness the parts of Indian held Kashmir, Indian army, flags, check posts, and LOC across the river.
  • Kutton waterfall is known as Kundan shahi and Niagara fall of Pakistan. To observe its attractiveness you must visit it in the summer season. 
  • Sharda is 3 hours away and the nightlife of this site is more prominent than other destinations. You will enjoy boating, Jet Ski, and see the temple, and university. There, you will find the best hotels to stay in.
  • Arrang kel is an ideal location for hiking because there is no road to access it. It is the most charming point in the entire valley which you can call heaven on earth.

Hotels in Keran

To enjoy some leisure, Keran is an ideal position where you will enjoy your time away from the busy and dull life.