Karen’s Beauty is Unique

Karen is a village in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. It is 5,000 feet high above the sea lever. The tourists fall in love with the beautiful sights of it. Tourists coming from across the world; spend some days in Karen to forget the worries of life. Karen is situated in the middle of beautiful snow hills. The lush green meadows of Karen refresh the eyes of the tourists. In the morning cool breeze refreshes the brain and lungs of the people who go out for a long walk. In the hilly areas, the people get out of breath after a long walk; it happens to be a bit health friendly too; fresh oxygen reaching their lungs refines their blood. Once visiting Karen a tourist wants to stay here as long as possible. Karen comprises of two parts; one in Azad Kashmir and the other is located in the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir; both areas are worth seeing for their natural beauty. Neelam River flowing in Karen adds to its beauty manifold. Once you visit Karen you will lose interest in the hustle and bustle of life.

How to access Keran?

To reach Karen on your personal conveyance you reach Islamabad via motorway. From Islamabad you follow this route; Islamabad> Murree> Kohala> Mauzzafrabad> Kundal Shahi> Athmuqam> Karen. To travel by public transport; you are required to reach Faizabad bus terminal; here you find the buses leaving for Mauzzafrabad. Having reached Mauzzafrabad you hire a jeep to reach Karen. The tourism agencies working in major cities provide people with great facilities. You have to choose the package and the destination of your choice; the rest of the duties are performed by them; for example, travel arrangements, accommodation, and the food facilities. You remain their liability until you come back your home safe and sound.

Attractions of Keran

  • Kutton is the waterfall worth seeing. The clean water falling from the top creates the noise of a great degree; the tourists are fascinated by its attraction forgetting the uproar of the waterfall.
  • Sharda is three hours’ drive from Keran; coming from Sharda to Keran, you view a lot of natural landscapes that fascinate you a lot. The distance of 3 hours you cover in 6 hours; stay at various beautiful sights to take pictures.
  • The visit to Keran stay in your memory for long; despite you come back from the valley your heart loses somewhere in the natural sight of Keran.
  • You have another opportunity to visit the Dani waterfall at a distance of 45 minutes’ drive from Mazzafrabad.
  • Neelam Jehlum Dam can also be visited while traveling to Keran.
  • The greenery and fruits of various kinds are readily available in Keran. While staying there you avail the opportunity to eat fresh fruits any time you need. The local farmers sell the fruit at reasonable prices.
  • Arrange Kel is also the tourist resort in the locality. While visiting that place you feel high protected as this area is in Pak Army’s control.

Hotels in Keran

  • Keran Highlands
  • Poshmal Hotel
  • Neelum Star