Ready, Set, Go to Kel

Introduction to kel

Kel is located 155kms from Muzaffarabad and in the local area, it is known as Kail because the national animal of Pakistan Markhoor is found here. It is situated near the line of control of Indian border and the road leads there are not paved. In land sliding, it can be risky to visit this site. The summer season is pleasant but land sliding can block the roads. In winters, snow covers everything and it is not possible to reach this spot. Wild animals in which bears, tigers, and leopards are included will become visible but in winters only. It is an alluring destination that joins River neelum and leads to Gilgit agency from the Shandar pass. It is the base camp of arrang kel and the bazaar is famous for the handcrafted dresses and items. It is rich in Kashmiri culture and the alpine forest gives you worth watching views.

How to access Kel?

First, go to the Muzaffarabad city and hire the car or jeep on rent.  Public transport is not very comfortable and an old type of lorry service is provided from the main city to Ath muqam. It will take 4 to 5 hours to complete your journey to Tao butt.  From there, go from Sharda to kel and you will reach there in 2 hours. It is better to book the hotel in advance for a comfortable living because after reaching it, you will not find good accommodation.

Attractions of kel

  • From kel to arrang kel, you can take the army made chairlift where you will enjoy the ride for 3 minutes because it is quite scary.
  • After reaching arrang, you can go for hiking up to the mountains and the total distance is 45 minutes. Go in the fine weather because, in rain, the path can become dangerous and slippery.
  • It is not possible to keep balance while going hiking because the way is not good.
  • After reaching this spot, you will forget about the boring life because the beautiful and spellbinding extracts here will take you to the world of imagination.
  • You must find time to explore the meadows, forests, waterfall, and hills.
  • Different rest houses and hotels are available on rent but you must not expect them to be a good place.
  • To find the best guesthouses, go back to the main bazaar of this area or go to margalla guest house that is 4kms away.
  • You can enjoy several activities in which camping, nightlife; BBQ, bonfire, and horse riding, etc. are included.
  • As this is the army controlled position, so avoid going near to the LOC but you can go near the fruit and tree forest. There will be bees so beware of them.

Hotels in kel

Kel is a paradise on earth and the beauty of this valley cannot be spoken in words. The calmness here that you will feel cannot be written. Hilly areas, zigzagging paths, breathtakingly sights, and snow peaks in the early morning will make you praise the magnificence of the Allah Almighty.