Do You Want To Take A Break From Life? Travel To Kalam

Introduction to Kalam

Kalam is an incredibly small village and a city of Kalam region that is located in the northern areas of Pakistan. Local and international travelers come to this site every year for enjoying the natural environment. It is a far-fetched, superb, and religious location for them. The rivers in Kalam are shaped by the mountain snow that melts in the summers. It is an admired habitation for everyone and when someone visits Swat valley, they definitely go there. The nearby areas are identified for their natural exquisiteness. River Swat is also a charming site for the tourists.

When to visit Kalam?

This vale is always open for the visitants and if you want to explore Swat valley till Kalam, the best time is from April to October. You can go for hiking and trekking at USHU jungle and Mahodand Lake. To see the peaks, you must go in the summers during the mid of July till the mid of September. The weather stays very pleasant here than other parts of the country.

How to access Kalam?

If you are going by jeep then you will easily find it on rent. It is better to travel on heavy-duty vehicles and go to Utrot and Lake Mahodand. Both locations will provide you mesmerizing views and a chance to hike. If you want to go by car, you can also take it to hire if you don’t have a personal one. You will be able to watch the neighboring charismas and events. The road is in good condition and you will complete the journey within 3 to 4 hours. It depends on you whether you want to take a break or want to go directly to Kalam.

Attractions of Kalam

  • You can go to USHU and Mahodand Lake by crossing the bridge. They are on the right side of the River Swat and on the left hand; you can go to Utror and Gabrail.
  • The same road goes to a thick pine forest and you can climb it up to reach Ushu Valley.
  • After a ride of 35kms, you will reach Mahodand valley.
  • The Utror village is 16kms away from the Swat River and you can use the metallic road that is in good condition for only 9kms. After that, it becomes very rough to travel on.
  • You will find various resorts and hotels but they don’t offer the best facilities.
  • To stay there, you have to book the government rest house but a residence permit is required by the forest department. 
  • Desan valley is also near and you can climb it up behind the Walnut Heights hotel.
  • During the climb, you will enjoy the sights of meadows and pine jungles that looks amazing. You cannot take the car or jeep there so go on feet.

Hotels in Kalam

Kalam is really a worth visiting place once in a lifetime. It is guaranteed that you would like to stay there to feel the peace and natural beauty on its peak.