Take A Break From Hectic Life And Travel To Kaghan Valley

Introduction to Kaghan valley

Kaghan Valley is holding a charm among many beautiful valleys in Mansehra in KPK. It consists of 160kms and in summers, it is the best spot for the local and international visitors. It is full of natural features in which pine forests, crystal clear lakes, and mountains are included. The river of Kunhar is the actual splendor which is famous for trout fish. There are many attractions such as Balakot, Paras, Naran, and Mahandari. The native people are very loving and friendly. On the way to this point, you will see them with their sheep and goats on the roads in the tents. A trip to this valley will be an unforgettable experience for you.

When to visit Kaghan valley?

The best season to come here is from May to Mid-October because the climate is ideal to observe the natural exquisite.  The temperature stays at 20 degrees and can fall down to 5 degrees. In winters due to snowfall, roads can get blocked but soon, they are cleared by the administration. To reach Babusar Pass, the suitable time is in late July.

How to access Kaghan Valley?

There was a time when only four wheels vehicles were able to travel on the Balakot road because the condition of them was not suitable. Now, all types of automobiles can transport on them to Naran and Kaghan valley where you will see the glaciers that have their snowpack on the early summer season. Only Cars, vans, and coaches can go there and you must go early in the morning for safely reaching your destination. You must prefer using public transport that has air condition service as well. They will take you directly from Lahore to Rawalpindi and then to Balakot. You can go there by using a personal car or jeep for a comfortable journey.

Attractions of Kaghan valley

  • There are many stunning locations that will leave you simply praise the Almighty for making our homeland just amazing.
  • The undeniably spectacular Lake Saif-ul-Malook will leave you breathless by its attractiveness.
  • The ansoo Jheel at this site has a tear shape look which is incredible.
  • The lush green land Of Lalazar is adding astonishing views to this place.
  • The Malika Parbat known as the queen of mountains is the highest peak in the vale.
  • At Balakot city, you will find many hotels, rest houses, food points, and shops.
  • Noori top is the gateway to the Neelam valley and it is a very peaceful spot.
  • Dudipatsar and Saral Lake are also positioned in this location and are the crucial locate for the tourists to visit.
  • You can hire a jeep for trekking in the meadows to enjoy the magnificence of this beauty.
  • You can go hiking, walking, pony riding, fishing, climbing, river rafting, and mountain biking here.

Hotels in Kaghan valley

Kaghan valley is adding prettiness to KPK Pakistan and it is a must visited place for you. Find some time for your relaxation and give a retreat to yourself and family by going to this striking beauty on earth.