Kaghan Valley is Rich in Natural Beauty

Kaghan Valley is considered to be a part of Paradise on earth for its eye-catching beauty and fascinating environment. The highest point of the valley is Babusar pass 13690ft high above sea level. The tourists come from across the world to spend their summer holidays in the valley. The valley has been blessed with beautiful landscapes, high mountains, and lush green meadow. The lakes and river passing through the valley add to its beauty manifold. The tourists enjoy picnic sitting on the bank of the river and lakes. Fishing has always been the favorite pastime of the visitors. Trout fish is said to be the best gift; a river can provide to its lovers. While walking about in the valley, the tourists inhale fresh breeze to refresh their brain and lungs. Not only the healthy people; but also the sick people come here to restore their health. A tourist under the influence of the natural sights forgets all the worries of life. Once a person visits this valley; he/she never wants to go back to the noisy and polluted environment of the urban areas.

When to visit Kaghan valley?

The best season to come here is from May to Mid-October because the climate is ideal to observe the natural exquisite.  The temperature stays at 20 degrees and can fall down to 5 degrees. In winters due to snowfall, roads can get blocked but soon, they are cleared by the administration. To reach Babusar Pass, the suitable time is in late July.

How to access Kaghan Valley?

To reach Kagan Valley on your personal conveyance you reach Islamabad via motorway. Here you start your journey from Isalmabad> Wah> Haripur> Mansehra> Dhodial> Kaghan Valley. To reach Kaghan Valley by public transport you need to reach Rawalpindi Faizabad bus terminal. Here you find the buses readily available to reach Kaghan. The tourism agencies working in major cities provide people with great facilities. You have to choose the package and the destination of your choice; the rest of the duties are performed by them; for example, travel arrangements, accommodation, and the food facilities. You remain their liability until you come back your home safe and sound .

Attractions of Kaghan valley

  • Anso Lake is the great tourist attraction in the valley. The lake is said to the shape of a tear dropped down the eye. The tourists come from across the world to view the lake.
  • Lake Saif-ul-malook is another most visited resort in the valley. The tourist visiting the lake don’t want to go back home; they want to become part of the lake and its surrounding areas. It is a myth that the fairies descend on the lake’s water on the moon night.
  • Saral Lake and Dudipatsar are situated nearby; the people visiting Kaghan Valley never miss the chance of visiting these attractive tourist resorts.
  • The gateway to Neelam Valley is the most attractive tourist resort namely Noor top.
  • While visiting the Kaghan Valley you have a lot of opportunities to enjoy your journey; you can enjoy hiking, skiing, horse riding and rowing in the lakes and river flowing at different places in the Valley.
  • Malika Parbat is the tourist resort worth seeing.
  • On the bank of lakes in the valley you enjoying fishing and the feast.
  • The youth visiting the lakes enjoy BBQ parities along with the musical nights arranged by the local administrations at some places.

Hotels in Kaghan valley

Kaghan valley is adding prettiness to KPK Pakistan and it is a must visited place for you. Find some time for your relaxation and give a retreat to yourself and family by going to this striking beauty on earth.