Say No To The Boring Life And Pack Your Bags To Visit Dudipatsar

Introduction to Dudipatsar

Dudipatsar is a lake situated in between the high peaks of Lalusar national park. It lies in the north side of Kaghan valley in Mansehra KPK Pakistan. The name is given to this place because of the white color of the snow of the nearest hills. The water reflects them in the summers just like a mirror and creates an outstanding view for the visitors. The cold pond water is green and blue and it locates at the height of 3800 meters. The neighboring mounts with snow patches are 4800 meters above from the sea level. They belong to the western Himalayan shrub and fields.

 Near it, Lalusar jheel which is a park too is the only headwater of the river Kunhar. Saif ul Malook and national park are near this spot at the distance of 150kms and the total area that they cover is 220000 acres. You will find different wild animals here in which leopards, black bear, snow leopard, and snowcock are included. The freshwater is abundant with the trout fish that is the primary attraction for the travelers. Hundreds of people come to observe this place to see the enchanting sights. Near it, Besal is sited which is an hour away from Naran. 

When to visit Dudipatsar?

This location is accessible for only 4 months starting from June to September. In summers, the beauty of the area is at the greatest that will blow the minds.  

How to access Dudipatsar?

To reach Dudipatsar, you have to go to Besal first which is the main track. At the height of 10500 feet, it will take half an hour to be in jalkhad on jeep. The road between these two points is very dangerous, so it is recommended to drop the car in Naran and take the jeep for the next journey. On the way, you will find only one hotel where you can take a break and buy some food or drinks. It is advised to book the hotel for night time and then in the early morning go towards your destination. At the lake, there is no availability of accommodation and food.

Attractions of Dudipatsar

  • Start climbing hills to touch your destination and you will be there when the sun will rise.
  • Click the photos for making the memories and spend your day near the water.
  • In the evening, you can go to Mullah ki Basti for hiring the camps on rent if you want to spend a night at the top.
  • You can do hiking and trekking near this spot and enjoy food with the beautiful views of nature.
  • You can do fishing to find the trout but take the necessary equipment with you. It will be an exciting task for the people who never did it before.

Hotels in Dudipatsar

Dudipatsar is little visited by people but the natural magnificence and calmness will make you ready to go there. This position is a blessing for those who are sick of the crowded and busy life.