Introduction to Chitta Khata Lake

Chitta Khata Lake is sited in the Shounter valley, Azad Kashmir at the height of 13500 feet. Chitta Khata means a white Watercourse and it is covered by Hari Parbat that is near Nanga Parbat, the 9th tallest peak in the world.  Hari Parbat hill is sacred for the people who worship Lord Shiva. They consider it the house of their Lord and recognize it as Kailash. This spot is accessible by Kel that is 20kms away and you can go there by jeep track. At the distance of 5kms, you will do hiking and Kel is the base camp of this lake. It is thought to be as an interchange of Neelum, Naran, and Skardu. The Indian occupied border is also near this place. You can go at this site in July and August but in the other months, it becomes a part of glaciers around it. You can walk over it if you will reach it which is not possible due to heavy snowfall.

How to access Chitta Khata Lake?

There are two major paths that you can use for reaching Chitta Khata Lake.  If you are going from Islamabad then take your personal car and you will reach Kel within 11 hours. The total distance is 320kms and you can use the route of Islamabad-Abbottabad-Garhi Habibullah-Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam-Karen-Sharda-Kel. The other route can also be used that is from Islamabad-Murree-Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam-Karen-Sharda-Kel. Both routes will take the same time to reach but you need to make sure that you know about the road condition. You can face trouble because of land sliding and road construction. It is advised to drive slowly and pass the car carefully from the broken road, water stream, and bumps.

Attractions of Chitta Khata Lake

  • You can use the local PCOs in Kel only otherwise there is no service available.
  • You will find several places for eating and to stay in Kel but the choices are very limited. You will find fuel stations near Karen after that you will be able to find it at the local shops.
  • During your trip, you will see amazing and breathtaking scenes where meadows, water streams, huts, and hamlets will grab your attention.
  • You can take your breakfast at Upper Domail and explore the Shounter Spoon Lake.
  • After that, you can start your trekking towards the lake.
  • You can do camping at the lake and see the flowing water that will make you feel a deep sense of peace.
  • Take your food with you because no food is available there.
  • You can enjoy a picnic at the bank of this spot and take pictures while enjoying your meal.
  • It is not recommended to take your kids there because the trekking can be done on this path by the professionals and energetic people only.

Hotels in Chitta Khata Lake

Chitta Khata Lake is a worth visiting location because it is filled with amazing natural beauty. You will definitely feel astonished after reaching this spot.