Why You Must Get Away To Bhurban For Finding Peace?

Introduction to Bhurban

Wrapped up in the hills of Murree, Bhurban is an outstanding and serene tourist destination. It is located 2 hours away from Islamabad and provides a fabulous atmosphere and fresh air. It is isolated from the busy and hustle parts of the country, known as a favorite weekend spot among the local and international people.  It is situated 9kms from the Murree which is more than 6000 meters above from the sea level. This place has gained more popularity after the inauguration of the pearl continental which is the only 5-star hotel in town. The formation of this building opened the doors for the visitors to relax and enjoy their trip. Its distance is 45 minutes from the dual road of the expressway.

How to access Bhurban?

You can use your personal car and go from the Islamabad route for getting here. Single way road is also used but it is full of traffic always and you will reach your destination in 2.5 hours. Van and Daewoo bus service is available and you will be in Bhurban within 2 hours. Day time is best to travel because the highways are difficult to drive for the inexperienced drivers.

Attractions of Bhurban

  • There are many restaurants with the terrace view and you can relish the amazing views of natural beauty.
  • Nice buffets and musical concerts are organized by the administration.
  • Nightlife at this spot is astonishing and you will remember it for an era. Golf tournaments are held and a mini golf course is also given.
  • A different variety of wild animals is found here that are not present in any other part of Pakistan.
  • It is filled with unique plants, trees, bushes, and timberland is known for having rare species.
  • You can go to the mall road for doing shopping, eating food, and enjoying a happy time. 
  • At a 15 minute walk, pindi and Kashmir points and patriata can be visited for riding the chair lift to witness the marvelous green mountains with zigzag pathways.
  • To overcome the summer heat, the upper and lower topa is the best gateway.
  • To appreciate the village life, you can head to Rawat where medical treatment is also given by the professional doctors.
  • To eat mouthwatering foods, ghora gali is the right location for you.
  • The mesmerizing scenes will leave you amazed and you will always feel content by thinking about your experiences.
  • Take your kids to Ayubia national park to see the monkeys and other animals.
  • In the PC hotel, you will find a bakery to buy biscuits and cakes.
  • There are many hiking and trekking sites that must be explored.
  • The hot sulfur springs of tattapani are very close to it. There are many mosques where you can offer your prayers.

Hotels in Bhurban

If you are looking for some relaxing time then Bhurban is waiting for you. It’s very peaceful and provides all types of facilities and comfortable living in luxury accommodations. During summers, it is a great area to observe nature and in winters, you can adore the snow.