What To Expect When Going To Banjosa Lake?

Introduction to Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake which is an artificial lake located adjacent Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. It is situated at the height of 1981 meters and known for its beauty and surprising sights and magnificent gardens. It is a very famous spot with lush green trees and colorful plants and flowers. There are a pine forest and mountains that make the view charming and romantic for the newlywed couples. It is accessible by a metal highway from Rawalakot. Served with swings and slides, the site is a magnet for kids as well. This lake is in between the mountains and green gardens that are abundant with flowers and gives a very pleasant look. The environment is very peaceful and you will definitely enjoy being here with your family and friends.

Climate of Banjosa Lake

The climate stays cool in the summers with only 16 degrees and in winters, snowfalls and the temperature drop to -5 degrees. To avoid hot weather in other parts of the country, this place is the best option.

How to access Banjosa Lake?

It locates 12kms from Rawalakot city and it is just 20 minutes away.  By using the Kahuta road; 3 hours will take to reach Banjosa Lake. The outstanding scenes in the middle of the road will make you glad and you will remember them for an era. Another way is available which is from Rawalpindi to Mangla and Kotli to Khaigala and then finally, your feet will touch this fantastic and splendid place. There are many natural sights and the roads are well preserved.

Attractions of Banjosa Lake

  • Go for hiking through the pine jungle that is all around the lake to feel and see the natural beauty from a closer.
  • The views and a private resort make the atmosphere idealistic.
  • Appreciate the beauty of the mountains surrounding this site while relaxing by the water or hire a boat to ride in the lake.
  • You can explore the hills by taking the horse ride and admire the scenery as you go above.
  • You will find accommodation near it and the restaurants are also present.
  • You can go to many other spots in which at the distance of 4kms Jandali is situated.
  • 12kms away toil pir and Devi Gali will be found and all these locations are reflecting natural resplendency that waits for the tourists to come and discover them.
  • You can stay in the closely built hotels and rest houses to escape from your home town.
  • You can enjoy reading a book and listen to music by sitting in the balcony of the room in front of the lake.

Hotels near Banjosa Lake

Whenever you will find time to explore an amazing site, Banjosa Lake is an ideal choice for you. Put this location in your travel list at the top and schedule your trip as soon as possible to find some relaxing time for yourself. You will adore your decision to visit this place once in your life and it is guaranteed that you will not regret it.