Leave The Crowded Surroundings And Visit Babusar Top

Introduction to Babusar Top

The babusar top is the highest location in the Kaghan valley. It is the highly visited site by the travelers every year. People come here to enjoy and see natural beauty closely. Furthermore, it is a relaxing point where traveling is less but the fun is more. You will witness the wonders of nature when you will visit this spot. There are a lot of activities to do for the visitants in which they can do trekking, hiking, sightseeing, and many other things. Yet it is a busy place but it has so much to offer to the sightseers. You will cherish plenty of amazing places during your visit here. The beauty of Babusar and Lake Lalusar are two different attractions but will leave you hypnotic.  It is serving as a boundary that separates KPK from Gilgit and Baltistan. It is perceived to be a part of Kaghan vale due to ease access. It is situated at the height of 4173 meters and it is 70kms away from Naran. The highest point in the babusar pass is the called the babusar top.

When to Visit Babusar Top?

The best time to go here is from July to September by the Naran road. In monsoon traffic movement is restricted due to slippery roads. In winters, it can be closed at any time due to heavy snowfall and you won’t be able to access it until the paths will be cleared. It is best to visit in May when the temperature is 11 degrees only. In the night time, it will fall to 3 degrees and you will have to wear warm clothes.

How to Access Babusar Top?

You can go from Islamabad by bus or using your personal car. You can use the Naran road from Mansehra that is connected with many tourist points. It will take you to the babusar top and Lake Saif ul Mulook.  It is a very remarkable habitation where hundreds of local and international people come to explore this stunning location. The mind-blowing views will take you in the world of dreams and you will make many memories here that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Attractions of Babusar Top

  • This mountain top is the highest place in Kaghan vale and it is always covered with snow.
  • In summers, the snow starts to melt down and the road becomes clear but it can be inaccessible due to rain.
  • On the top, there is a bridge that is known as the symbol of the uppermost site in the area.
  • On the right side, you will see the peaks of Kashmir that will be covered with snow.
  • On the north side, you will observe the attention-grabbing outlook of Nanga Parbat.
  • You can go to see Balakot, Lalusar Lake, and Thak valley.
  • Good food is not available here, so take your drinks and food with you. However, juice, boiled eggs, and Pakoras are available.

Hotels in Babusar Top

If you an adventure lover then babusar top is waiting for you. The breathtaking sights will make your soul feel a deep peace and happiness.