Attabad Lake is a Great Tourist Attraction in Gilgit Baltistan

The highly attractive Attabad Lake is the jewel of Gilgit Baltistan. The lake is situated in Gojal Valley Hunza. The lake came into existence on account of the Attabad disaster in 2010. It was the land-sliding on a huge scale that blocked the flow of the Hunza River for five months; consequently, Attabad Lake came into existence. The lake has now been the biggest tourist attraction in Gilgit Baltistan. The length of the lake comprises of 21km (13miles); it is 358ft. deep. The existence of the lake, in the beginning, was considered to be a bad omen; a large number of people had died in Attabad disaster when the lake took its present form. Over time, the people realized its attraction and beauty and started visiting it from across the country. Now it has been a great source of revenue for the local administration. The people visit the lake for fishing, rowing, swimming, and picnic. The lake has given the area a fairy-tale-like ambiance. Some of the people think that the water of the lake cures many diseases as it contains minerals.

How to access Attabad Lake?   

To access Attabad Lake you can travel by air or by road. Traveling by air is considered to be a safe way; traveling by road is vulnerable to land-sliding. Nevertheless, people travel by road for the sake of adventure. From Islamabad, it takes 12 hours’ drive to reach your desired destination. The distance between Gilgit Baltistan and Islamabad is 580 km; traveling to Attabad Lake by road from Islamabad, you drive on Karakoram Highway via Mansehra- Naran- Jalkhad and Chilas road. Land sliding is a great issue on the way to Gilgit Baltistan for the tourists traveling by road. There is no regular public transport as such going to Attabad Lake. The tourist agencies; however, arrange a visit to Attabad Lake including other tourists attractions of Gilgit Baltistan. They have attractive traveling packages as per season. The rates can be confirmed by visiting or calling them.  

Attractions of Attabad Lake

  • While rowing in Attabad lake you feel as if you are visiting a fairyland.
  • You feel cool and calm floating your boat in the water in the middle of eye-catching hills.
  • While enjoying your picnic on the bank of the lake you forget the worries of your life.
  • Having reached the lake you feel like staying there as long as possible.
  • The youth visiting Attabad Lake arrange a special musical concert at the night; the BBQ parties are being celebrated side by side.
  • In the Hunza restaurants, you really enjoy the tasty food of all kinds; the local foods are served free of cost when you take a lavish meal there.
  • The freshening breeze reaches your lungs casting a healthy impact on your overall health.
  • The local people are very hospitable; despite poverty, they serve you with the best of their food item.

Hotels in Attabad Lake