Introduction of Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is sited in the Gojal vale, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. This lake was created in January 2010 in the consequences of Attabad tragedy. Now, it has become the largest tourist point where thousands of local and international visitants come to enjoy its natural beauty. You will enjoy many activities here that will always stay in your mind as a beautiful memory.  Before this tragedy, it was only a mountainous landscape and a village with a small number of residents. No travelers ever came to this point before but now, things have changed.

It was formed due to a gigantic landslide in Karimabad. At that time, local people had no idea that a lake was going to be formed and this location will become a famous tourist point. It is famous for its beauty and mesmerism that will leave you feels wonderful.  It is a massive and wide lake and you cannot view it completely by standing at one point. Even it is not possible to capture pictures because of the hugeness and wideness that is spread over numerous kilometers. In winters, you will find it frozen but in summers, the blue water will give you a beautiful scene for making photos.

How to access Attabad Lake?   

It will take 12.5 hours to reach here by road if you will come from Islamabad. The total distance is 580kms and the nearest airport is in Gilgit. From that airport, you have to travel to Hunza using the road. If you are going from Islamabad by car then use Karakoram Highway via Mansehra- Naran- Jalkhad and Chilas Road. If there will be landslides during the journey then the time will increase. 

Attractions of Attabad Lake

  • You can do boating here and they will not only carry your load and your personal items but you can take your heavy vehicles with you too.
  • It enables people to cross the Attabad Lake and reach the other side of the village.
  • Among the massive hilly land and under the clear blue sky, the lake will offer you a magical feeling of calmness.
  • You will feel your soul is in deep peace and serenity that is not available in the messy and crowded areas.
  • Waterfalls can also be seen of the high mountains that are surrounding it.
  • You can do jet skiing, fishing, and other things here.
  • After enjoying the trip to the lake, you have to come back to Hunza for finding the hotels and food points.
  • It is highly advised to eat Hunza’s delicious Food items because of the traditional cuisines.
  • You can go to passu and rush lake that is near the gojal valley.
  • You can go to meet the local people who are very kind, loving, and warm.

Hotels in Attabad Lake

If you are willing to experience nature’s blessing to an area, do plan your trip to Attabad Lake. You will surely not regret your decision because it will give you a sense of fulfillment and achievement.