Breathe Deeply In The Uncluttered Air Of Arrang Kel

Introduction to arrang kel

Arrang kel is small town and traveler position in Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir that is located on a peak above kel at the height of 2554 meters. It is accessible by a 2kms long track and chairlift can be used to reach it that is provided by Pakistan army. A road from Muzaffarabad to Neelum is used to come here. It is known as paradise on earth and you must travel to experience the most amazing moments of your life with your loved ones. It has the potential to open your mind and see the beauty of the earth from a closer.

It will definitely make you able to praise Allah Almighty for the amazing and mesmerizing scenery. To let go of tensions, the environment of this spot is ideal and you will gain a chance to meet with humblest people on earth. To explore the attractiveness of this landscape, a trip is a must. The weather of this site stays very pleasant in summers than the other corners of the country. In winters, the temperature falls down due to heavy snowfall. Banks, hospitals, and a market are available for the ease of visitants.

How to access arrang kel?         

Buses go on this route daily from Islamabad but only in good weather condition. It is advised to use a jeep from Authmuqam for traveling to this vale. Horses and ponies can also be hired locally to make your journey to reach here. After entering kel, you will have to do trekking for two hours to get there or use the lift to access it within a few minutes.

Attractions of Arrang Kel

  • Arrang Kel is forest vale and nature has granted it generously with thick Jungles, rare species, wild animals, trees, lush green grass, and twisting treks that enhance its prettiness.
  • Public transport is available till kel only and you will also find accommodation facilities in the resorts and hotels. 
  • To find the best hotels, you will have to come back on the ground to kel Bazaar. At a cheap rate, you will find all types of amenities of everyday living.
  • While walking to the hilltop, it is recommended to take your water bottles, snacks, and food with you because these things are not presented there. A canteen is spotted at the top from where you can buy various types of refreshments and drinks. 
  • Go up in fine weather because, in rain or snow, it will not be possible to access it due to a dangerous path. During your walk, you will see countless scenes of hills and trees.
  • After being there, you will witness the beautiful and spellbinding outlooks that will take you in the world of dreams.
  • You can enjoy horse riding, bonfire, BBQ party, and chairlift ride.

Hotels in arrang kel

Plan an amazing trip to Arrang Kel because this site is enriched with the astonishing milestones by Creator. The endless beauty will make you ready to dump the hectic life and enjoy your leisure.