Arang Kel is the Dreamland

To view natural beauty, the people travel far and wide; despite facing hardships on the way, they persistently cover the long distance to reach the desired destination; for example, the tourists in the quest of natural beauty travel to Arang Kel; a far off village in Neelum Valley. Nature has exposed its real beauty in the village situated at the height of 8379 ft. above sea level. The tourists reach Arang Kel covering a distance of 2 km from Kel. The eye-catching snowy hills, lush green meadow, and freshening breeze fascinate the tourists of all ages. Despite the people know they will have to travel on rough roads to reach their destination; they travel knowing that the journey ends at the doorstep of paradise; they will surely forget their worries and tiredness once they inhale the fresh breeze blowing in the atmosphere of Arang Kel. The area of the Arang Kel is highly secured owing to the presence of Pak Army there. LOC separates Azad Kashmir and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir tertiary at this point. The local people are very friendly. A majority of people live in wooden houses.

How to reach Arang Kel

To travel to Arang Kel on your personal conveyance you have to drive for 11 to 12 long hours. The suggested route for your car, jeep or van is > Murree > Kohala > Muzaffarabad > Neelum Valley route. The estimated distance from Islamabad to Arang Kel consists of 300 km. On public transport, you have to reach Faizabad bus terminal Rawalpindi (at the doorway of Islamabad). The buses move to Mazzafrabad after every 2 to 3 hours. The route is almost the same above-mentioned. Having reached Mazzafrabad, you hire a car or jeep; the public transport going to Arang Kel is not comfortable. You have to feel hardships on the way. You reach Kel in about 4 to 5 hours. The distance between Kel and Arang Kel is of 2km. You can also visit Arang Kel through a tourist agency. In almost all the major cities of Pakistan, the tourist agencies arrange the tour to northern areas all year round. They arrange two days’, three days’, one week’s or two weeks’ visit. The charges are normal and the journey is quite safe. The experienced guides take you to those attractions of the places that you cannot visit alone.

The Attractions of Arang Kel

  • The suitable accommodation is available here; you can book a room before you reach Arang Kel; this is how you will feel at ease.
  • The thick forests give you an environment of dreamland. While stepping in the forest you forget your own identity; you seem as if you are the part of the environment.  
  • You feel highly secured here as compared to other tourist resorts; the area is under the control of Pakistan Army.
  • The charm of lush green meadows has a long-lasting positive impact on your memory. You recall the visit in your memory anytime; you feel the freshness in a real sense.

Hotels in Arang Kel